As for sporting events, marathons in various locations such as Xiamen and Zhengkai regions were launched successfully during the period. Notably, 361o will serve as the honorary partner for the Qingdao Marathon in April 2024, significantly bolstering the brand’s professional image in the running field through the excellent performance of runners.
Specifically, the ‘‘Flying Flame 3’’ (飛燃3) and ‘‘Furious FUTURE 1.5’’ (飛飈FUTURE 1.5) series notably supported Li Zicheng, Guan Yousheng, and other 361o running ambassadors and elite athletes to claim the podium, with sub-3 runners’ adoption reaching unprecedented levels.
Furthermore, high-quality 361o products have garnered substantial popularity domestically and earned widespread acclaim internationally.
As the official partner of several international sporting events, 361o successfully secured the position of official sportswear supplier for the World Aquatics during the period, providing comprehensive and advantageous equipment support for respective events.
This solidly validates our product quality and professionalism, marking a significant milestone for the brand’s internationalisation journey and showcasing the strength of Chinese brands in contributing to the ongoing success of global sporting events.


市場 証券コード 社名 業種 関連銘柄 トピックス PER 配当利回り ROE PSR
香港 01361 361度 スポーツ用品 パリ五輪関連 廈門や鄭州などでマラソン大会開催、世界水泳連盟の公式スポーツウェアサプライヤーとして選出(1Q) 8.68倍 4.69% 8.34% 1.05倍


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