Mr. Robert G. Goldstein, chairman and chief executive officer of LVS, said, “We were pleased with our financial and operating results for the quarter, which reflect strong growth in both Macao and Singapore.
We remain deeply enthusiastic about our opportunities to deliver industry-leading growth in both markets in the years ahead, as we execute our substantial capital investment programs in both Macao and Singapore.

In Macao, the ongoing recovery continued during the quarter.
Our decades-long commitment to making investments that enhance the business and leisure tourism appeal of Macao and support its development as a world center of business and leisure tourism positions us well as the recovery in travel and tourism spending progresses.

Inside Information - Results of our Controlling Shareholder, Las Vegas Sands Corp., for the Fiscal First Quarter Ended March 31, 2024

市場 証券コード 社名 業種 関連銘柄 トピックス PER 配当利回り ROE PSR
香港 01928 金沙中国 カジノ運営 カジノ関連 マカオ、シンガポールでの強い成長、マカオにおいて旅行および観光支出の回復が継続(1Q) 26.9倍 0.00% 8.73% 2.85倍


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